Welcome to the
Esperanto Society of Houston

ESH is a group of Esperanto-enthusiasts who promote the use of the international language Esperanto by organizing free classes for the public; radio shows discussing the language problem and its solution, Esperanto; and other events.

What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is a beautiful and expressive language created in 1887 to be an easy-to-learn second language for the entire world. It is still spoken and written today by millions of people all over the planet, and with the proliferation of the Internet, the popularity of Esperanto has exploded. It is very easy to learn because, unlike ethnic or national languages, it has a consistent system of grammar, spelling, and pronunciation; it also has no irregular verbs, all of which makes it four times faster to learn.

Why is it faster to learn?

Esperanto's creator Doctor L. L. Zamenhof based it on many different languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French so that the words would be familiar to as many people as possible and make the language politically and culturally neutral. Along with the goal of easy global communication, Esperanto was created to preserve natural languages and promote world peace.

Who can I speak it with?

Since it is a second language to everyone, there are countless people around the world who are more than eager to practice it with you. Esperanto speakers are found in nearly every country on earth. There are Internet chat groups and e-mail groups as well as a free pen pal service. You can travel the world with Esperanto, staying for free in the homes of other Esperanto-enthusiasts who take part in Pasporta Servo. Whether corresponding by mail or chatting on the Internet, Esperanto can open worlds you would never otherwise come in
contact with.

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